Ford cuts Mustang Mach-E prices by up to $4,000, improves electric vehicle range, and offers BlueCruise test drive.

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The prices of Mustang Mach-E have been reduced in response to Tesla’s price cuts. Standard Range models now receive a new lithium phosphate (LFP) battery.

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Ford has already lowered the price of the Mach-E once this year in response to Tesla’s discounts, and now history repeats itself. The electric Mustang is now up to $4,000 cheaper than before, as Dearborn’s executives seek to follow the demand for the Model Y and Elon Musk’s determination to prioritize volume over profit.

The latest price cuts mean that the entry-level RWD Standard Range Mach-E starts at $42,995 (down $3,000), but the biggest savings are on the Premium Standard Range and Mach-E GT models, which drop by $4,000. These reductions lower the price of a Premium RWD to $46,995, the AWD version of the same to $49,995, and reduce the cost of a GT from $63,995 to $59,995.

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The prices of the Nite Pony package ($800) and the Extended Range battery for Premium models ($7,000) remain unchanged, but the Performance package on the GT has been reduced from $6,000 to $5,000. The use of the BlueCruise autonomous system for three years actually increases from $200 to $2,100, although the positive side is that BlueCruise, which can now automatically change lanes when you touch the turn signal, is available for a free 90-day trial because the hardware is built into each Mach-E regardless of its option.

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Model Old MSRP New MSRP Difference Select Standard Range RWD $45,995 $42,995 -$3,000 Select Standard Range AWD $48,995 $45,995 -$3,000 California Route 1 AWD Extended Range $57,995 $56,995 -$1,000 Premium Standard Range RWD $50,995 $46,995 -$4,000 Premium AWD Standard Range GT $53,995 $49,995 -$4,000 GT AWD Extended Range $63,995 $59,995 -$4,000


Extended Range Battery for Premium $7,000 $7,000 – Mustang Nite Pony Package $800 $800 – GT Performance Edition Package $6,000 $5,000 -$1,000 BlueCruise 1.2 (includes 3 years) $1,900 $2,100 +$200 Comfort Package Lite n/a $1,500 –

The Standard Range Mach-Es receive Ford’s new lithium phosphate (LFP) battery, which appears to be better in almost every way compared to the battery it replaces.

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