Truck Auction – Is it Worth Investing?

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Are you thinking about buying a truck but don’t know if it’s worth it? Read this guide to the end to learn everything about auctions and where to find a good truck for you.

The auction is a sales modality that has gained more and more space in the automotive market. This form of marketing can be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a truck at a more affordable price, but you must be careful to make a good purchase.

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How Do Truck Auctions Work?

First of all, it’s important to understand how a truck auction works. Generally, vehicles are offered for sale by financial institutions, private companies or even public bodies. These institutions seek to recover an invested amount or settle debts of the owner of the auctioned property, which makes prices attractive.

Auctions can take place in person, online or hybrid (in person and online at the same time), this will depend on the auctioneer. Another very important detail is to know that the auction works by bidding.

To participate in a truck auction, it is necessary to register in advance with the company where it will be held. Usually, some personal documents and proof of income and address are requested. After registering, it is important to pay attention to the auction calendar and choose the ones you want to follow and participate in.


And the Arremate, how does it work?

Are you interested in a vehicle that is being auctioned, but don’t understand much about the auction? Rest assured that we will explain everything to you.

It is important to pay attention to two details, administrative expenses and the auctioneer’s commission. In addition to the value of the auctioned good, it is necessary to pay the auctioneer’s fee, which is usually 5% of the auction price, and administrative expenses, which is usually a fixed amount charged and established by the auctioneer.

So, before bidding on a truck, pay attention to the administrative expenses rate (fixed amount reported in the auction) and the auctioneer’s commission.

Why Buy an Auction Truck?

As mentioned above, the main attraction in an auction is the value that the good is being sold. It’s usually possible to buy a truck below market price, and don’t think it’s because there’s something wrong with it. In most auctions, it is possible to visit the yard and see the true condition of the vehicle, this helps you decide if the asset really meets your needs.


A good reason to buy a truck at auction is an investment opportunity. If you are a truck driver, this could be your opportunity to work on your own, investing in your own vehicle.

Another advantage is the possibility of acquiring a truck with easy financing. Many auctioneers offer self-financing to buyers at low interest rates. This can be an interesting option for those who do not have the full value of the truck to pay in cash.

How to find good truck auctions?


That’s the question you don’t want to shut up. Finding good truck auctions can be an easy task or not. There are several reliable and safe companies on the market, below we indicate 4 (four) reliable companies.

Palácio dos Leilões: Palácio dos Leilões is a company that has been in the market for many years and has a variety of materials being auctioned, including trucks. It is located in the city of Juatuba/MG, but the auctions also take place online, allowing buyers from other states to participate.

Milan Leilões: Milan Leilões has a wide variety of trucks being auctioned, in addition to other vehicles. You will find all the necessary information to participate in the auctions on the company’s website. is another one of the big auction companies. On their website, you can see all the goods that are being sold and there is a diversity of trucks with great values.

Copart: Copart has yards in several cities in Brazil, such as Embú das Artes/SP, Recife/PE, Betim/MG, among others, allowing a huge variety of goods to be auctioned. It is worth entering the site and checking all the trucks and vehicles that are up for auction.


Vip Auctions: At Vip Auctions you can find great vehicles. The company also has yards in several cities across the country, one of which is São Paulo/SP. In addition to trucks, you will also find other vehicles and items.

Tips for Making a Good Throw

The main tip is not to get carried away by emotion. The auction model is designed so that the person bids in the heat of emotion and this can cause great harm.

Set a limit on how much you can buy the item in question (don’t forget to factor in the auctioneer’s fees and administrative expenses into the amount). By putting a limit, you won’t be left with the feeling of regret after the ending. following all these tips, you will leave the auction happy and satisfied, buying your truck for a good value!

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